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Do you need money for any business use – working capital, your marketing budget, larger office space new equipment or software, payroll, etc.? Have you tried applying at your local bank and been promptly turned down? Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. 1,000s of business owners are turned down every day by the big banks. With all of the money that the government makes available to the big banks to lend to small businesses, you’d think more companies would get the money that they need!  

What Nobody Ever Tells You About Your Local Bank

The Big Banks don’t make their money by making small loans (under $500,000) toturned down businesses like yours. They make their profits by loaning money to large companies that already have plenty of money! The interest that they collect on these larger loans is significant. This is why they’re in the lending business in the first place. Now compare that to the interest they’d make on a much smaller loan. Now you can understand why they turn down so many small business owners.

To CEOs Who Want Funding — But Can’t Get Started

Happy CEO (2) Here at Small Business Money Solutions, we do things differently. First of all, we specialize in working with small business owners, both start ups and existing businesses. We understand your unique needs and challenges. From lack of assets, bad or damaged credit, unstable cash flow to outstanding debt, account receivables and poor record keeping; we work with you to help you get the funding you need.


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