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“Our mission is to help small businesses grow more effectively by providing them better access to more working capital. Our clients love our approach…and so do we.”

Rick Anderson, CEO


Small Business Money Solutions is the premier small business funding source that helps small business owners and self employed professionals get access to much needed funding for their business. With over 19 years experience, we have become the preferred choice of ‘Money Solutions’ for small business owners and companies nationwide.

To Us, You’re More Than Just What’s On A Piece Of Paper

While the big banks see only your worth on paper, we get to know you as a person. Your business is important to you…so it’s important to us. Your business may not fit perfectly into a traditional ‘cookie cutter’ funding application process. So does that mean that you should not get money for you business when you need it? Of course not.

Here at Small Business Money Solutions, we think differently than traditional lenders. We make sure our funding sources connect with our clients on a more personal level, empowering them to grow and succeed. We believe that you have the right to get the perfect money solutions to grow your business just like the big companies. This is why we’ve built an expert team with years of experience in providing business owners with an alternative source of financing. We work with over 30 non-traditional lenders to help us secure the best business loans, business financial solutions and merchant services for our clients.


Revolutionizing How You Get Access To Working Capital

We’ve streamlined our qualification process to be a simple 1 page application. Plus, we’re used to working with both start up and existing businesses that have good credit, Easy-button_1_1damaged credit or even bad credit. This is why many of our lenders and funding sources provide programs for exactly these types of situations. This means a higher approval rate and broader range of small business financial options for our clients. This also means that with our relationship with our lenders and funding sources, we fund more ‘outside the box’ deals than our competitors.

We’re passionate about helping you get the money solutions you need to grow your business.


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