Questions and Answers About Short Term Business Loans

Questions and Answers About Short Term Business Loans

Almost every business needs some form of debt financing from time-to-time. Whether you need to buy inventory for an upcoming busy season, purchase materials to build out a large customer order, or to just bridge a cash flow gap, short term business loans can be the answer to keeping the doors open and orders flowing

How to Get Cash for Your Business with Your Accounts Receivables

In a perfect world, invoices are paid in a timely fashion, and there is ample cash on hand to fund the growth of business. Sadly, this is not always a reality for many businesses. Outstanding invoices that go unpaid for a period can cause a drain on cash reserves and often challenge owners to meet

Discover How To Get The LOWEST Cost Merchant Account

Credit cards provide consumers with a fast, convenient and simplified way to make payments for the products and services they need to buy, and this is perhaps one of the top reasons why credit cards are among the most popular forms of payment with consumers today. As a business owner, it is critical that you

How to Accept Credit Cards For Your Business – Explained

Many customers today prefer to use credit or debit cards for their personal and business transactions. This is a more convenient method of payment for many than using cash and checks, and you may find that your business loses customers if you do not accept the methods of payment that your customers are willing to

Is a Commercial Bank Term Loan Right For You?

There are many types of commercial financing options available to you, and perhaps the most traditional form of financing available to small business owners is the commercial fixed term loan. The Great Recession that gripped the nation in recent years has changed the landscape of commercial financing considerably, however, and these loans are now being

Top Tips To Establish Business Credit And Raise Your Score

  As a business owner, one of the best steps you can take to promote the success of your business is to establish a great credit rating. A business credit rating may be needed to do everything from obtaining a small business loan to pay for your inventory and more. However, a business credit rating

The PROS And CONS Of Using Business Credit Cards To Fund Your Business

  As a business owner, one of the most difficult decisions you will need to make from time to time relates to taking on debt. You may be struggling with limited cash flow, trying to expand your business or have other challenges or goals that you need money for. If you decide to take on

Can Purchase Order Financing Be The BEST Solution For You?

  Small businesses have unfortunately been hit hard by the recent recession. Many have lost customers and continue to have reduced sales because of lingering effects of the recession. They may have downsized their operations as a result, and some have lost supply lines that were integral to business functions. More significantly, however, they may

Got Inventory? Use It To Get Financing! Here’s how

  Small businesses may need a considerable amount of capital to fund their daily activities as well as their expansion and development plans. Applying for small business loans through a traditional lender is one option, but many small businesses unfortunately do not qualify for traditional loans because of a lack of collateral. If you have

Your Must-Know Guide to Merchant Cash Advances

  Sometimes getting a business loan can be difficult. Since the recession, banks are making it tougher to receive financing. A more and more popular option for business owners is a merchant cash advance. How does a Merchant Cash Advance work?A merchant cash advance works differently than a bank loan. The company offering the merchant