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With most customers paying with credit and debit cards these days it has become a must have in business to be able to bill credit and debit cards. Yet many small business owners sign up with the first company that talks to them about credit card processing solutions (oftentimes this is their local bank). Yet what the local banks don’t tell you is that they outsource their credit card processing to another company.

As a result, the bank reps don’t know much if anything about merchant accounts and credit card processing. So once you sign up, you get passed off to some other company that you never even heard of and who may not even have great customer service to help you. Even worst, the next thing you know, you’re paying exorbitant transaction fees for the ‘privilege’ of using their company to bill your clients credit and debit cards. This is very common amongst small business owners.

Also, most other merchant services companies will hit you with application fees, setup fees, programming fees, and many other charges which can add up quickly. Not only will we provide those services for free, you will also avoid paying unnecessary fees like Discover and AMEX setup fees. Low credit card processing rates are only a few of the many the advantages of working with our team.

Protect Yourself From Merchant Service Companies Who Overcharge You For Their Services

This is why at Small Business Money Solutions, we take you by the hand and walk you through the entire set up and usage process from start to finish. We make sure that you understand every part of the process from your actual discount rates (what you pay for each credit card transaction) to even setting up and using your credit card terminal. We also make sure to go over each and every fee with you so you understand upfront what you’ll be paying. Plus, we make sure to negotiate on your behalf to get you the LOWEST POSSIBLE RATES. Your Credit/ Debit Card Billing Options Include:

Mobile Processing
Many businesses operate in a retail environment and use a traditional credit card processing terminal connected to a phone line (analog or digital). Yet that may not be your business. Credit Card reader Pogo Mobile Smart PhoneSo we also provide solutions that come equipped with a dedicated Wireless terminal or integration with your smartphone or tablet. You can use your wireless terminal, smart phone or tablet to bill customers in real time. From your office or in the field.

Internet based Virtual Terminals
– If you prefer to leverage an internet based billing solution, we’ve got you covered as well. This is ideal for companies on the go or that accept payments over the phone or through the mail. In other words, we have the perfect solution to meet your specific needs! You can now perform the same functions as a physical credit card terminal through our secure, web-based terminal options. You can use a Virtual Terminal to log into a website and run transactions, or use an E-Commerce solution to connect your website directly to a variety of online shopping carts.


Free Credit Card Readers & Terminals
vx520_cardbutton_833_highresvx520_hero_ltangle_thumbWith our merchant services program, You Get a FREE state-of-the-art, multi-application credit card reader and processing terminal. While other companies may charge you $100s to $1,000s of dollars for these terminals, we give them to you for FREE.

We also give you access to dial up terminals, pin pads, check services readers and imagers, smartphone solutions, standalone printers and a QuickBooks Solutions to help you manage all of your products/inventory and merchant transactions.

Additional Billing Solutions

• Check Guarantee Services

• Gift Card programs

• Loyalty Programs

• Online ordering for Restaurants

• EMV compliance- All business were required to be able to accept EMV cards by October 2015. If your business has not upgraded to the new EMV terminals, you now accept all responsibility for fraud! This shift in liability is FROM the merchant service company to YOU. We help your business become EVM Compliant and shift that liability back to the credit card processsor.

Are You Paying TOO Much To Accept Credit Cards? Want A LOWER Rate?

lowestrate If you already have a merchant account and are wondering if you are paying too much…you’re most likely right! We find in many cases that most small business owners are not aware of their discount rates and do not know how to effectively negotiate to get the lower possible discount rates for their transactions. Add to this, they are also unaware of the many additional fees that their current credit card processing company is charging them! This is why we provide a FREE Credit Card Processing Discount Rate Review. We’ll go over your current rates with you, even review your statements and find all of the additional fees and possible overcharges. Then we’ll help you get the lowest rate possible for your business. GUARANTEED!


Client Testimonial

MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE A COPY OF THIS TO YOUR SUPERVISORS: “To those persons responsible for the training/hiring of Scott Ransom: Be very aware that his service ability is above standard or average. His ability to assess and properly explain the details of our merchant transactions were superior and his conduct and attitude were exemplary. The reason he is still in business development and not in a higher position is because he makes more of the time and explains the billing solutions better than most and with his productive results he will no doubt be kept in that position until someone can realize he has more talent and earning potential yet to be tapped. I am very grateful to have been forwarded to Scott for my dealings with Small Business Money Solutions, and appreciate his actions and service to my company in the extent that I write this. If any persons have any questions for me, please contact me.”

-George Ernwine, CEO

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